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Four Cousins Honey

Welcome to the Four Cousins Honey website!

Four Cousins Honey is a small, artisanal honey producer based on the Bonavista Peninsula on the Island of Newfoundland.

We take our name from four cousins, all granddaughters to Poppy Peter and Grandma Barb.  Four of our hives bear the names of each of these granddaughters.  They've only just started to peek into their hives, but it's our hope, that by giving them "ownership" of a colony, their interest in apiculture will grow in the years to come.  It's also Poppy's conspiracy - to recruit another generation of beekeepers to take over from him when he gets too old to lift a 100 lb box of bees and honey.

This website will tell you a little bit about us and our honey bees.

Poppy Peter has a Bee Master Certificate from the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture and University of British Columbia (February 2020).


See our gallery online or contact us at Box 113, RR#1, Portland, Canada, A0C 1V0, telephone 709-685-5328.



Sunflower pollen helps feed the brood

Purple tansy is a real hit with honey bees

Our bees pollinate our apple trees, squash, pumpkins and other crops