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Where to buy our honey


Our honey is for sale at Three Mile Ridge Country Store. It's in Lethbridge on Highway 230 on the Bonavista Peninsula.  You can't miss it when travelling from the Trans-Canada Highway to Trinity or Bonavista. They have lots of locally-produced veggies and other good stuff, so why not check 'em out!


 Photo P. ArmitagePhoto P. ArmitageRaw, unpasteurized, wildflower honey made with nectar from the flowers in the Lethbridge and Portland area on the Bonavista Peninsula.

250 grams - $12.99


 We can't say our honey is organic, but it's close to it. We don't use antibiotics or miticides in our beekeeping (because we don't have the diseases and pests that require their use elsewhere in Canada).

Our 2018 honey is a gorgeous, light, slightly tangy wonder that hints of white clover, fireweed and other wild flowers on the landscape surrounding our apiaries in Lethbridge and Portland. 


This unique flavour is what our terroir is all about.